Thursday, 19 December 2013

Adopt cute little Miley!

 I have spent the last days switching households instead of having one big (over)stuffed family that would drive me crazy. After one of the women became pregnant, I used NRAAS Story Progression to block the families I am playing from having babies too early. Well, I forgot about pets, and so the same household cat had kitten. Go figure.

 I only found out after I randomly decided to play a farm family as I wanted to play with cows and chicken. Here she was. And she is soooo adorable she makes me melt. So I wanted to share this cute little ball of fur.

 She is born with the Hunter and Proud traits, and through me playing with her she became Playful and Hyper.


Download file includes three formats, pick up one and install it:
.Sims3Pack needs to be installed through launcher (although it will end like the second)
.package needs to be placed in the Library folder
.sim needs to be placed in the SavedSims folder

Some more pictures I took (yes I know, I suck at preview pictures)

I hope you will enjoy this little cutie!

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