Friday, 17 January 2014

Tumblr 50+ Followers Gift

 I actually wanted it to be in two parts with a dress for teenage girls as well, but either the morph was wrong or the dress had a problem (why my, since when do EA dresses have any problem, right?). So if someone has a working teen preg morph they are willing to share for me to try the teen dress again, let me know!

 Now about this dress! I LOVE most of Thing Geek's clothes (yes, originally it's where I first found the cookie one too), and so I am sharing this love to my sims ♥

 I am releasing this as a thank you gift, and hopefully some other sims out there will be happy to wear those as well ;)

- Youg Adult & Adult female
- Everyday & Pregnancy
- 2 areas recolorable
- Launcher and CAS picture


"Self Rescuing Princess" design

"Geek Inside" Design

"Loading... Please Wait" Design

Tools: TSRW / MeshToolKit / Photoshop
Mesh: EA
Poses: BeechNutBaby / Elexis / Foomfay / IMHO
Shoes: Elexis /Tomislaw (not sure for the other)
Hair: Cazy / EA / Newsea & Ctenid

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