Saturday, 10 January 2015

Tumblr 100+ Followers Gift

Thank you again for everyone following me!

This set gave me some troubles, as once again I tend to choose items that need a lot of 'fixing'... I had to remap everything correctly, bake a multiplier and specular, ... I actually tried to make 2 recolorable areas, but it looked so bad that I had to use the textures included to make an overlay so that it looks like the original. Meaning it is not recolorable.

You will find them in the Decor > Sculptures

Tools: TSRW / MS3D / Photoshop
Mesh: EA
Clothes: Blacksmith clothes converted by Cocomama
Poses: Fierce / Pilbosims

If someone however is interested in downloading the recolorable version, let me know, but it looks like that... Or I guess I could make it recolorable only on the wood part (on the left).


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