Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Finally back, hopefully for good

 I guess a lot has happened to me since my last post, some good, some bad. Mostly after I became supervisor I had less time to be on computer, and my computer started to have trouble handling the game anyway, long loading time and lags :p

 Is it weird to say I have been missing the community and the game? I have thought of playing again so many times it’s crazy, a year away and I still feel addicted xD

 So… I changed job again sometimes last year, but my current work is keeping me out most of the time, and for long hours traveling. Still I guess I could find time to play and be more around. My computer started dying a few months ago, we replaced the video card and the hard drive, and it’s running as smooth as it can. I will need a new one soon :P

Took me a couple of hours but I have reinstalled the whole game, at least it’s running fine without any Store items or CC. I should have time today to install more, and hopefully it goes okay.

I checked my downloads on Mediafire and they still seem to be available, but just in case I will back them up on Sim File Share whenever I find some time to do it. As for my old content on TSR I cannot even log in so I will definitely have to back it up, if I can find my originals.


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