Thursday, 15 August 2013

Butler won't cook or disappear [Patch 1.55 / compatible 1.67]

All my butlers tuning mods can be found on this page.
 One of my sim trying to max her cooking skill, I decided to stop the butler from cooking autonomously. Now my butler only puts away the food in the fridge after a certain time (90 min actually), and you can still ask him/her to cook if you wish.

 Also I was wondering why they kept disappearing, forcing me to call for a new one, and I realized that, unlike maids, they are not recurrent. I changed that, now you will keep the same butler for a long time unless you fire him.

 Important: If you already have hired a butler when installing this mod, you will have to call to cancel then rehire one.

This mod will conflict with any mod that changes the Butler_0x73683c721c7a4bf4 XML file.

 If you have another mod modifying this file, let me or the other creator know and one of us should be able to make another 'flavor' with different combination.

 This is an XML mod and shouldn't conflict with any Core mod.

Butler won't cook or disappear for patch 1.55

Update 15/01/2015: Compatible with patch 1.67


  1. I'll have to download this when I get back to my Midnight Hollow family. That butler's obsessive compulsive cooking was driving me nuts!

    1. Yes it can be quite annoying to have him cook as soon as a sim is slightly hungry.
      Though I think I was more annoyed when I couldn't find what had happened to him/her and had to call to hire a new one. Though you should have seen when I tried to make him attend bees, he got so obsessed with them he wouldn't move from the beehive. The. Whole. Day. At least he would have been too busy to cook xD

  2. Hi! First off, thank you so much for making this!! One of my sims has level 9 cooking and the whole point of getting him that far was that he could make great meals for the whole family, not having them eat regular meals made by the butler :| Anyways, I installed the mod but it's not working :'( the butler keeps cooking, although maybe a little less than usual. I only have the base game and LN installed, both fully updated (versions 1.66 and 6.5). Could you help me please?

    1. I can try helping yes, hopefully we can find out where the problem comes from.
      I will assume you do not have a conflict, if you were already using a mod for your butler you would know it.
      I see two possibilities, but before you try any, make sure that you delete the scriptCache.package or else it will keep ignoring the change. If you do not know about the cache files in general, you can find descriptions here:

      Now, if you have removed the cache file, loaded the game and the butler still cooks, try one of those and check:
      - If you have NRAAS Master Controller, I would save the game (in case you want to go back to what you had) and then reset the town. If they haven't changed it, you have to go through: NRaas – MasterController – Reset Lot
      (more options about that here:
      - You can also call to stop using a butler (dismiss him?), and then hire a new one. They might even send the same person again.

      Let me know if it worked for you, so that your sims can enjoy nice meals ;)

    2. It worked! Dismissing the butler and hiring a new one did the trick :D Thank youuu!

    3. You are quite welcome, I am glad it worked!

  3. Can you please make a version where the Butler will still autonomously cook for you?

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I have been away for a while.
      Basically you only want to keep the recurrent part? Not a problem, I should have time to do it tomorrow.