Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bills [Patch 1.55 & 1.63 / compatible 1.67]

 There is only two 'flavors' to this for now, and it's either no bills at all or normal bill but only once a week delivered on Friday (so overall you only pay half). Chose either one or the other.
I might make later half/twice the normal price, just for the fun of it. Three times higher? Better get a good job...

 This mod will conflict with any mod that changes the Mailbox_0x894944a6dad4a2cf XML file.

 If you have another mod modifying this file, let me or the other creator know and one of us should be able to make another 'flavor' with different combination.

 This is an XML mod and shouldn't conflict with any Core mod.

No bills for patch 1.63
Bills once a week for patch 1.63

Older versions:
No bills for patch 1.55

Update 15/01/2013: Version 1.63 is compatible with patch 1.67

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