Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Weather Stone Map Tag [Patch 1.55 & 1.63 / compatible 1.67]

EDIT: After reinstalling my game I must have installed something somehow conflicting because my mod stopped working. I have tried fixing it and even remaking it for 167 even though it was not needed but so far I cannot find the cause, so I found a way to stop it from respawning it in game with NRAAS Traveler
From City Hall or a Computer>NRaas>Traveler>Allow Spawn Weather Stone - Set to False

This is the first mod I made. I was using Shimrod's up to the point where I installed Paradise Island, and then even though it was for the correct patch it was causing the dive spots tags to disappear from the town view.

 With this mod, the weather stone tag will still appear when you start your game, come back from buy mode/edit town mode, ... for about a minute, then it will disappear. However it will still be on the town view so you won't lose track of where it is.

 This mod will conflict with any mod that changes the MapTags XML file.
If you have another mod modifying this file, let me or the other creator know and one of us should be able to make another 'flavor' with different combination.

 This is an XML mod and shouldn't conflict with any Core mod.

Weather Stone Map Tag for patch 1.63

Older versions:
Weather Stone Map Tag for patch 1.55

Update 15/01/2015: Version 1.63 is compatible with patch 1.67


  1. You are officially my goddess! I SO needed just this! I'd heard of others having issues with Shimrod's Weatherstone MapTag and was afraid to try it. Thank you so much for this! I hate that stupid maptag!

    1. You are quite welcome!
      -Enjoys her new deity status-
      I couldn't stand having it on my screen all the time either. With this it will still be there, but not during gameplay so enjoy!