Friday, 10 January 2014

Less roaming around town (Requested) [Patch 1.63 / compatible 1.67]

All my pets tuning mods can be found on this page.

Have you noticed how pets end up all around town? Visiting bars, going to the beach, ...
This mod is going to discourage pets with the following traits to wander around town:
- Clueless Pet
- Lazy Pet
- Lazy Horse
- Nervous Pet
- Shy Pet
- Skittish Pet

And those, but less so they might still go out:
- Gentle Pet
- Loyal Pet
- Quiet Pet

Pets_Less roaming around town for patch 163

 This mod will conflict with any mod that change those files:
VisitCommunityLot_Lot ITUN
VisitDiveLot_Lot ITUN
GoToLot_Lot ITUN
GoOutside_Lot ITUN
VisitLot_Lot ITUN

 If you have another mod modifying any of those files, let me or the other creator know and one of us should be able to make another 'flavor' with different combination.

 This is a tuning mod and shouldn't conflict with any Core mod.

- I suggest using either the No or Less autonomous 'Sniff out collectable' mod along with it.

- The strays seem to go around happily and do not seem to be affected, but let me know if you notice something with them. If they have one of those traits you can also use NRAAS Master Controller to change their traits.
Master Controller > Advanced > Traits

- I noticed that sims tend to go out and take their pets with them, place them down on a random community lot then let them on their own, which includes coming back home.

- And finally, keep in mind that pets with traits like adventurous, independent and such will still go out. I did not want to stop ALL pets from going out on their own, just limit it.

- Installation Instructions-
Put the package file in
C:\Documents and Settings\YourNameHere\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages

HUGE thank to Carla for testing!

Last update 15/01/2015: Compatible with patch 1.67

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