Friday, 10 January 2014

Pets Tuning Mods

 I love my pets! They might drive you crazy, and yet how can you not go Awwww?!
I can almost feel the moodlet acting on me too when I watch what some of my pets do.
They are adorable little demons balls of fur.

- Here is the main list, see each separately for different flavors (if available) -

All Pets

Less roaming around town (Requested)



No/Less autonomous 'Sniff out collectable'


You might want to check those:

bluegenjutsu: Minor Pets Age, Escape, Feeding Tweaks
gesimz: 23 Autonomous/Automatic Pet Interaction Disablers 
Nona: No Autonomous Fill Pet Bowl
Twoftmama: Pets Won't Visit Community Lots
Twoftmama: Slow Pet Motive Decay

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